LSG Super Giants Cup

Rules, Format and Regulations of the Game

  1. Team Composition:

    1. Each team shall comprise 9 players in total, with 7 players and 2 substitutes.
    2. The last batsmen will be allowed to Bat and opt for a runner if necessary.
    3. Substitutes may only be utilized to replace a fielder and are not eligible to bowl or bat.
    4. Captains or Vice Captains are required to submit their team list 40 minutes before each match and may replace players from the reserves as mentioned in the list.
    5. Teams must report 1 hour before the stipulated Match Time as informed by the organising committee.
  2. Age/Gender Criteria:

    1. The tournament is open to individuals aged 16 and above but below 50, born between April 1, 1969, and April 1, 2003.
    2. All teams participating are formed under the Open gender category and are encouraged to invite participants of all genders.
  3. Registrations:

    1. The registration process is divided into 2 parts, the filling of consent by the Captain & Vice Captain and the Team Onboarding process.
    2. Each team willing to register must have their captains fill in the form with the contact details of the Captain and Vice Captain.
    3. Acknowledgement and Agreement to the rules are compulsory to participate in the Super Giants Cup.
    4. Within 48 hours of the form filling, based on available slots you will be intimated via Email or WhatsApp to complete your registrations by filling in the details of your team members.
    5. It is advised to keep the Full Name, Date of Birth, Player Role, Email Address, Phone Number and ID cards of your team members handy for the registration.
    6. Images of ID Cards will be accepted under 1 MB and in JPG format only.
    7. Within 48 Hrs of completing the second form, you will receive an intimation of confirmation of your application to the Super Giants Cup.
  4. Format of the Game:

    1. The tournament will be in Knockout fashion and will be in four cities: Lucknow, Noida, Kanpur and Varanasi.
    2. A total of 64 slots in Lucknow and 32 slots in Kanpur, Noida and Varanasi will be open to the teams on a first-complete registration basis.
    3. City Stage:
      1. Each team will be played with their competitor in a knockout competition.
      2. The winner qualifies for the next knockout match and may play more than one match in one day.
    4. Matches will consist of 7 overs each:
      1. Two bowlers can bowl a maximum of 2 overs each.
      2. Three bowlers can bowl one over each.
      3. The tournament will be played with tennis balls.
    5. In case of a tie:
      1. In the event of a tie, a Super Over will be played.
      2. The team with the most runs after the Super Over wins.
      3. If the score is still tied or with the fall of 3 wickets, the team is declared all out.
      4. If teams are still tied, the team with the maximum boundaries in the inning and Super Over will be declared the winner and qualify for the next round.
    6. The winning team may play more than 2 matches in a day.
    7. The Winning team and runner-up team from each City will be invited to a Final Knockout Leg in Lucknow - Dates shall be disclosed closer to the end of the tournament.
    8. The finals of the Game will be held in Lucknow on the second or third weekend of March.
    9. The finals will be Winners and Runners-up from all the Cities will be competing against each other in a Knockout game again.
  5. Duration:

    1. The tournament will be held on the weekends of the 3rd week of February to the 3rd Week of March.
    2. All matches will have a duration of 1 hour, inclusive of a 4-minute break between innings, with a maximum of 28 minutes per inning.
    3. The side fielding first must complete their allotted 7 overs within the stipulated time of 28 minutes. If they fail to do so, they will continue to bowl all 5 overs. The umpires will record the number of overs bowled at the end of the stipulated time. When the fielding side comes to bat, they can face only as many overs as they have bowled within the stipulated time.
    4. Additionally, if deliberate time-wasting occurs, the umpires are empowered to award 5 penalty runs to the batting/fielding side.
  6. Walkover/Disqualifications Guidelines:

    1. Teams are required to report 1 hour prior and submit team sheets 40 minutes before the scheduled match time. Failure to do so may result in a Walkover, Disqualification or Umpires may decide to award penalties.
    2. Not Adhering to the rules of the game, depiction of foul Language or Violence from any team member may result in Disqualification of the team from the Super Giants cup.
    3. Use of any Prohibited drugs if proven may lead to the disqualification of the team.
    4. Duplicate registrations by any team member may result in a Walkover or Disqualification for the team.
  7. Winning Prizes and Schedule:

  8. The Prizes and Schedule will be launched closer to the date of the registrations closed.

  9. Conflict Resolution:

    1. One can write to for any queries/complaints about the tournament.
    2. In case of any conflict in the game or organisation of the Super Giants Cup, the team captain must submit a complaint to the Umpires or the organising team. The technical team and the organising team collectively then shall provide a final and binding resolution.
  10. Media and Publications:

    1. The rights to media and content created during the tournament are reserved with the Lucknow Super Giants brand.
    2. The tournament will be covered, and media thus collected may be used at will by LSG.