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Let's turn your fandom into fantastic rewards – because at LSG, every fan deserves to feel like an MVP!

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Earn and Redeem


All fans that sign into the app / website are automatically signed into the Fan Program.

Fans earn points for different forms of engagement on the website / app. Engagement actions include watching videos, highlights, reading articles, participating in polls, quizzes and predictor games.

The points earned by fans can be used to redeem discount vouchers from exciting brands, team merchandise and money cant buy experiences.

There is a daily limit on the number of times you can earn coins for each engagement - 5 times each photo gallery, videos and articles and twice for match highlights.

You cannot earn coins for engaging with the same content multiple times.

On a daily basis, you can redeem your points for up to 10 brand vouchers and up to 1 merchandise reward.

We will continue to introduce new and more rewards on an ongoing basis. Keep a look out for them - they are special and limited.

The Leaderboard refreshes once every day in the morning and considers the closing points balance of the previous day. If you're in the top 3 at that point in time, your name shall be up on the leaderboard for a day.

Email us at lsgbrigade@lucknowsupergiants.in for assistance

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For vouchers, you can copy the code from My Rewards section.

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